You Don't Even Know.

I'm a buttass, or so says my friend Madison.
My name is Sara. I do alot of whatever I like.
Spontaneous and such.
I like music and art.
The end.

Depressing Sounding(Swear I’m not going to kill myself)

I wish i had someone to pay attention that I couldn’t tell if I annoyed them

I wish I didn’t feel so weird and awkward.

I wish I weren’t objectified by men

I wish my friends were happy.

I wish I were more intelligent but without the sadness that comes with becoming more intelligent.

I wish I felt loved all the time.

I wish I could feel love for someone all the time

I wish I could live without feeling afraid of being alive

I wish I werent afraid

I wish I weren’t alone

I wish that I didn’t feel like being alive sometimes

  • normal person: watches a movie, likes it a lot, the end
  • me: watches a movie, likes it a lot, becomes obsessed with it, falls madly in love with at least one character in it, makes artwork and writes fan fiction based off of it, devotes countless hours to blogging, talking, and flailing about it, cries and rolls around on the floor at least once per day because of how much I love it, dies of emotional reaction to it, the end.

Fucking shit son of a bitch

What do you do when you can’t do anything. Do you just let the only person you can tell anything die because she wants to? Is it selfish that I want her to be alive even though she has been through so much. There’s no hidden secret to being happy but yet it’s still so hard to be. I’m afraid to go to sleep. Sleeping means a period of time I can’t be praying and thinking bout her and she can’t die if I’m thinking about her right?


I’ve gotten so use to being alone how am I suppose to function in society any more.